What is FMF?

- Our Mission -

FMF exists to empower women through personalized clothing and accessories in an effort for them to embrace their inner glam.

- About Us - 

Fashion Mi Forward began in 2017, during my sophomore year of college. Struggling to find myself and my passions, I was doing a lot of soul searching. Fashion has always been my first love, but was often frowned upon by family members that wanted me to pursue something that would “make more money” or classified as a “real job.” I knew that I did not just want to work and help to build someone else’s dream, so I decided to go for it. Despite what naysayers said, I started my research and began writing down goals. When I realized that I was able to go hours reading, organizing and planning, I knew that this was my calling. My next step was figuring out what the market was missing.

Through deep consideration and exploration, I came across what I could do to add value to my field: empowerment. Talking with peers, friends, and the younger generation opened my eyes up to how women and young girls view themselves and the importance of feeling beautiful. I learned that many girls did not feel beautiful or “sexy” unless they were showing skin or wearing clothes that they felt would attract male attention. With my style being a mix between tom-boy and girly, I felt this was the perfect middle. Provide my customers with an outlet to explore different fashions and styles of dressing. Aiming to eliminate running around from store to store for an outfit, Fashion Mi Forward will serve as a one-stop shop, carrying styles that appeal to various types of women.  


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